Anthony Patterson is a second generation artist from Durham, NC. He earned his BFA in Painting from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In his senior year, Anthony was the recipient of the UNCG Artistic Merit Award which granted him his first solo exhibition "The Elephant In The Room". Since then, he has exhibited in multiple group shows and a solo show in partnership with The Black On Black Project.

His work is rooted in figuration but also lends itself to the language of abstract painting. Quite often, figures are placed in tense, uncompromising situations that represent a struggle. Intuitive mark making is evident on the surface while simultaneously personifying themselves within the painted narrative. 

Drawing from the current sociopolitical climate of America, Patterson's work reflects his interest in documentary studies. This approach involves pulling from historical archives, sifting through contemporary media, and recording conversations from peers in his community. He then reconstructs the source materials until a unique perspective can be manifested with paint. The result is multi-layered work that investigates societal ills, while driving the conversation beyond the pictorial space.